The Great Commission is the mission Jesus gave His disciples two thousand years ago. It is the same mission to which He calls each of us today, as individuals and as a church.

Uncommon Leadership 101 is about equipping leaders to fulfill that mission. A comprehensive training anchored in the Word of God, this curriculum is for leaders in any discipling environment who want to be balanced, effective, and excellent in ministering grace and truth.


Uncommon Leadership 201 builds on the foundation of Uncommon Leadership 101. As leaders, we are teaching God’s people “to observe all that [Jesus] commanded” (Matthew 28:19–20), and this dynamic training will take you to the core doctrines for building disciples. Learn how your leadership flows from the authority of God’s Word, the power of your identity in Christ, and the process of change in uncommon community.

Get equipped to pursue a grace-filled, authentic leadership culture in your small group. Training disciples “to be equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16–17) is a significant calling.


Great coaches bring out the best in their players. In the same way, spiritual coaches bring out God¹s best in disciples of Christ. People are motivated to follow a leader that recognizes their giftedness and harnesses it for growth. Uncommon Leadership 301 builds on these trainings by instituting the leadership oversight role of the Coach.

The goal of a Coach is to engage people you lead in dialogue that helps them recognize their current limitations, explore next steps, and paint a vivid picture for where God wants to take them. It is imperative that the people you lead feel inspired to take that next step. They achieve this when they sense you are motivated more by their personal growth than by a check mark.