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The world keeps telling us what it means to be a man or woman... but it keeps changing its mind.

God created us to function according to His perfect design, and for all of human history, our world has been male and female. But our ever-changing culture faces challenges due to sin. More than ever the church needs to be a safe refuge for the gender confused, the sexually broken, the single, the married, and the divorced.

In "A Beautiful Design", you'll study evidence that God’s plan for men and women is the ultimate design. And life lived within this beautiful and unchanging design is part of His greater purpose for humanity. This class will include both DVD and live teaching as well as class discussion and weekly devotions.

What You Will Experience:

  • Opportunity for 9 group sessions with 8 weeks of personal study and homework
  • See the differences in men and women and the value of all human life
  • Discover how men and women are created to be God’s image bearers
  • Understand the cleansing power of the gospel, erasing all past, present, and future failures
  • Strengthen your marriage as you learn God’s purpose for couples