Hi there! I'm Mindy Newberry. I am the Harvest Kids Coordinator here at Harvest Bible Chapel Monmouth. I am a mom to two boys, Riley who is 17 and Reed who is 11. And my husband is Josh Newberry, we celebrate 19 years of marriage this year! Josh is also a Deacon and on the Parking Team.

I grew up in Kirkwood in a Christian home and always loved going to church. I loved the feeling of being surrounded by love and friends. Of learning about God and singing His praise. My greatest memories and friendships have come from being raised in my family's church home.

I've always had a knack for working with kids. Kids have this ability to calm and motivate me. I know that's crazy for some people. But for me, it makes me strive to be better for them. To want to make the environment fun, yet safe. Organized, but controlled craziness. I mean, isn't that kind of how life is raising kids is anyways? Plus, working with kids since my teens, I've seen kids in some seriously heartbreaking environments, and if I can make the time I have with them enjoyable enough to forget their worries for just a little while, it's worth it.

Working in Harvest Kids takes that a step beyond. Now I share with them the joy of having Jesus in their lives. That they are never alone! That in Harvest Kids they are safe. I love teaching kids that we are to be a light unto the world and to be disciple makers. How awesome is that!?!? I get to work for God in the best Ministry ever! And while working for God in kid's ministry, I get to see seeds being planted that will one day be trees that produce spiritual fruit.

Seeing Kids on Sundays is a great joy to my week. But I also love getting to know the families as well. Relationship building with parents, older siblings, grandparents....it's awesome. Sharing the highs and lows with families is so rewarding. It brings us closer and allows us to build a stronger relationship. Trust is everything when we are working with their kids!

I am truly thankful that God blessed me with these gifts and that I can share them with my Harvest family. Every day I give thanks for Harvest Kids.

Thank you for trusting your kids to me.