Whether it’s drug or alcohol addiction, divorce, anger issues, fears and anxieties, gambling, struggles with food, or anything else you’re seeking recovery from, we believe that the power of the gospel can bring healing to your life, and you are welcome here.


We’re so excited that you’ve taken first courageous step towards recovery. Someone from our team will reach out to you in the next 12 hours to follow up with you.

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The 12 Steps of Harvest Recovery

It takes time and work to recover, but through God’s grace we are able to become who we are meant to be through him. Harvest Recovery is broken down into 12 steps, each meant to target a different part of your Christian walk, and all together lead to healing and wholeness in God.
Here is a breakdown of the 12 steps:

Connection (to God): Steps 1-3
Without a connection to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ, the rest of the steps are just an attempt at behavior modification. They will not result in the true victory and healing we are seeking.
Inspection (of ourselves): Steps 4-6
The past weighs a lot of us down and prevents us from moving forward. These steps are not just an attempt at digging up our past sins, but a way of dealing with them biblical once and for all. We also look at our present condition and, no matter how far we’ve come, we see that we are still sinners in need of a Savior.
Correction (of our relationships): Steps 7-9
Sin inevitably damages relationships. This is the point at which, wherever possible, we make things right with everyone we can. Sometimes this can be done with words; other times it requires action.
Progression (growth): Steps 10-11
These steps are about taking what we’ve done up to this point and incorporating them into our daily lives. If we are not moving forward, we’re moving back. There is no standing still.
Communication (of the gospel): Step 12
This is where it all leads. The goal from the beginning is not to make our lives better, although that is a beautiful by-product; it is to bring glory to God by making disciples who make disciples.

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